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Pricing for Data Recovery in PDF

What do these numbers mean in the price list?

The price list shows only the cost of work without the necessary consumables. The cost of materials, if such are required during the work, is specified when placing an order.

If in a computer or laptop you yourself have erased some necessary files or they have disappeared by themselves, or even “everything has disappeared,” and the hard drive itself is normal, then count on the price of 500 UAH. (up to 1000 UAH in the case of large storage capacity (over 1TB) and long analysis).

If the computer or laptop stopped determining the hard drive and the reason for this in the faulty controller, then the recovery of information will cost from 1500 UAH. (HDD data recovery with faulty electronics). If the program part of the drive, written in the service area, is inaccessible to the user, – 2000 UAH. (Recovery of HDD data in case of damage to service information).

If a computer or laptop determines a hard drive, and copying information from it does not work, most likely there was damage to the surfaces, and it costs from 1700 UAH. If the drive knocks and is not detected in the BIOS, it most likely occurred that the magnetic head unit was damaged (HDD data recovery in case of damage to the MBG). In this case, it is necessary to open the hermetic block and replace the MBG. The cost of data recovery work in this case is 3000 UAH, without taking into account the cost of the serviceable set of BMG that will be needed for data validation. For example, in case the disc fell and scratches appeared on the surfaces, more than one such kit might be required, which would lead to an increase in price. The cost of the required kit of BMG can not be precisely indicated, and it usually starts from 300 UAH. and depends on the volume of the disk, and so on.

External hard drives are the same computer or laptop hard drives, only in an external case. We extract them from the case and restore the information according to the same scheme. There are external hard drives that do not have a computer SATA connector, then 500 UAH is added. for mounting the SATA connector.

With flash drives and memory cards everything is simple: if it is determined by a computer and gives access to memory, then 500 UAH, if not determined, then the memory chips are to be dismantled and the information is read, then the algorithm of the controller is restored, – the cost of such works is 1000 UAH. for one NAND memory chip.

In the event that a USB flash drive or SD card is “monolithic” (that is, it is a storage device inside which is filled with a compound, and it is impossible to remove memory chips from it, “monolithic”) and it is not determined by a computer, then the works will cost 3400 UAH if no additional studies of such a device are required, and from 3400 UAH if additional studies are required. The main features of such a USB flash drive: the absence of an alarm LED indicator, a miniature metal casing or a design in the form of a slider. The usual SD card must be disassembled to understand the “monolith” it or not. All microSD cards are “monoliths”, and, accordingly, the cost of work with such a device is from 3400 UAH.

Recovering data from CD / DVD / Blu-ray (BD) often requires a very large amount of time. In case the proof-reading is completed in 96 hours, the cost will be 500 UAH. For every subsequent 96 hours the cost will increase by 500 UAH. It is necessary to take into account that the usual nature of problems with optical media often does not allow obtaining a 100% result.

In the case of complex problems with the drive, the price depends on the complexity and time spent on restoring the necessary files.
When recovering data from magnetic tapes (magnetic tape storage devices – streamers) – the price depends on the volume of the tape. For example, if the cassette has a capacity of 300GB, the cost will be 900grn. The minimum cost of work on the proofing of magnetic tapes is 500 grn.

Copying information from serviceable drives with a working file system does not apply to information recovery, but is a separate service. When data is restored, copying to the customer’s drive is free of charge. A copy of the recovered information is guaranteed to be stored in our data warehouse within 14 days after payment for the work. After this period the information will be deleted.

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