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Data Recovery From Hard Drives

Data recovery from hard drives

Restoring files with data from hard drives of all types and manufacturers with mechanic, electronic and logic issues.

Data Recovery Of SSD Drives

Data recovery of SSD drives

Data restoring from solid state SSD-drives. Solving logical and hardware issues.

Data Recovery From Flash Drives USB, SD, XD And Etc.

Data recovery from flash drives USB, SD, XD and etc.

Data recovery from classic and monolith flash drive.

Data Recovery From Proprietary SSD

Data recovery from proprietary SSD

Recovering data from SSD with different proprietary SSDs. Workig with all interfaces and different manufacturers.

Recovering Data From Server SAS, SCSI Drives

Recovering data from server SAS, SCSI drives

Recovering data from SAS and SCSI drives. Full spectrum: from logic to replacement of mechanic parts.

Data Recovery From RAID Drive Arrays

Data recovery from RAID drive arrays

Recovering data from damaged RAID-arrays with different configurations.

How it works

Step 1 – Drive diagnostics

The first step is to question the client to collect a history of the drive and perform a primary diagnosis, after which a preliminary diagnosis is made and the price is formed.

Step 2 – Extended diagnostics

At this stage, the identified issues are eliminated and search the original source of failure. After all, often, we get access to data already at this stage.

Step 3 – Data recovery

At this stage we making copy of your data. In the case of hardware issues, we replacing components of drive and making copy sector-by-sector. In case of Flash-drives, we are making dumps from memory chips and proceed to data collect.

Step 4 – Delivery of recovered data

Final stage. We invite the client, showing him all of data and hand over work. Usually, we need other Hard Drive from to write recovered data to it.


About service of data recovery SaveDrive

SaveDrive specializes in data recovery from any digital drive. Narrowcasting, huge range of equipment and technologies, knowledge and more than 5 years of experience assists us to recover data from any digital drive.

Justified price policy, human approach to clients, regular sales, perseverance at data recovery allows our clients to receive the most complete copy of data.


We using the best tools to save your data. Using safe storages for making copies.


We guarantee to every client safety and inaccessibility of data for unauthorized persons. We respect your private life!

Every task is unique

Controllers, memory chips, discs, microprogramms for disc control, different versions and their
numerous implementations creates a lot of possibilities to crash. That is the reason why we treating with respect to every patient.

We love our work!

To be good at something, you have to love it. We do our best to find solutions of your problems.

Your service

We understand how hard it is to lost photos and videos with memories for many years, lost important documents and results years of work. And we are sorry for your loss.

We are next to you

Specially for you, our client, we work without days off.

Client's testimonial

Data recovery of digital storage devices SaveDrive
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