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SSD-drives use NAND Flash technology to store data files, which actually provides the speed of the drive.

At the same time memory NAND Flash is the most weak spot for this type of drives: low recording resource and high pressure lead to rapid deterioration of chips.

A SSD works warranty of three years or more is provided an effective defect-management – the process of hiding bad sectors.

We offer you assistance in recovering data files from SSDs of all known manufacturers and hardware configurations. Including using file encryption.

відновлення даних з твердотільних SSD-дисків

When a SSD fails

  1. Detailed description of the behavior of the computer before the failure or loss of files from the SSD.
  2. In case of external physical impact – SSD is flooded / burned / dropped, do not try to turn it on.
  3. Carefully disconnect the SSD from the system.

SSD-drive, like any other drive, requires a consistent approach to recovery and quality history – the key to success!

Malfunctions of SSD-drives

In the process of recovering data files from solid-state drives, adjustments are made for hardware data encryption. Controllers, now in their larger mass, encrypt the data. A useful function of protecting data files on an SSD results in a data set and no document, photo or video files being recovered during recovery.

Logical failure of SSDs

In the case of logical SSD problems such as formatting, deleting files, viruses or file systems, the recovery process is very similar to the process of recovering data from a hard drive: scanning, searching for metadata, parts of file tables and, in fact, the files themselves.

Due to the speed of SSD and, usually, small volumes, this process does not take much time, which allows you to quickly perform a complete restoration of the files.

Hardware Problems SSD

The controller of the SSD-disk is made on an all-in-one principle: the processor, ROM and RAM are physically located in a single chip. Because often incorrect operation of the SSD in the form of overheating and power surges leads to its failure and blocking access to data. Also, the market now presents a large number of very unsuccessful series of SSD-drives, the process of life of which ends in a breakdown of the controller.

Also, the problems are delivered by the microprograms of the controllers themselves, which, if there is a sharp loss of power, can be damaged and block access to data files.

В SSD-дисках также есть служебная информация, которая имеет свойство портиться из-за ошибок в микропрограмме либо же по причине выхода из строя микросхем памяти.
There is a service info in SSD-drives, which have a property to be damaged because of errors in microprograms or in case of malfunction of memory chips.

Prices. The cost of recovering data files from solid state drives SSD

Diagnostics SSD is free! Payment is made only upon receipt of data files.

Logic recovery
from 1130uah
  • Any drives
  • Any capacity
  • Recovery file systems
  • Recovery any types of files
Hardware recovery
From 2400uah
  • Any manufacturer
  • Any capacity
  • Decryption
  • Eliminating any issues of controller
  • Work with service information
Urgent recovery
  • Any works
  • Any drives
  • Term of recovery is 2 days
  • +100% to default price
  • Price more info Contacts / Order
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