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Data recovery from SAS or SCSI drives is allocated in a special way: these drives are developed on the basis of the principle “Faster. Higher. Stronger.”

These drives are ready to work for years under heavy load, high temperatures, have impressive results on the speed of writing and reading.

They use the most promising technologies to increase the speed of work and the most extensive opportunities for fault tolerance.

As a consequence, they are often used in the design of servers, network storage (NAS), powerful PCs and fault-tolerant disk arrays.

These disks require a slightly different approach when restoring information, in contrast to classic PATA and SATA drives, because they work according to other standards. Therefore, specific equipment, knowledge and approach are required.

What is necessary from user

Data recovery requires the collection of the correct anamnesis and correct actions of the user when the drive fails.

  1. Be sure to describe the behavior of the drive, if it is enabled
  2. Depending on the system where the drive is used, disable it correctly.
  3. Describe the behavior of the system before the drive fails or data is lost


The process of recovering SAS / SCSI data in the case of logical failures is almost the same as recovering data from SATA or PATA drives. The difference in recovery lies precisely in hardware failures.

Hardware faults.

Distinctive features of SAS / SCSI-disks is their speed and reliability. Achievement of high performance imposes certain requirements on the device of the drive inside the air-block. As a consequence, with the failure of the Magnetic Head Block, their replacement is a very difficult task.

We offer a full range of data recovery from SAS-drives: replacement of electronics, elimination of failures in firmware of the drive, elimination of problems in the service area of the drive, data validation when defective sectors appear, head replacement.

Prices. Cost of data recovery from SAS and SCSI drives

Diagnosis is free! Payment is made only upon receipt of data.

Logic recovery
from 1130uah
  • Any capacity of drive
  • Recovery the file system
  • Restore photos and documents
Hardware recovery
from 1500uah
  • Any SAS / SCSI drives
  • Eliminating slaughter problems
  • Eliminating Electronics Problems
  • Head Replacement
  • Work with surface defects
Urgent recovery
  • Any SAS / SCSI media
  • Any kind of work
  • Recovery 2-3 days
  • + 100% to standard cost
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