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Restoring files with data from HDD of all types and manufacturers with mechanical, electronic and logistical issues.

Capacity of user data is growing day by day, and a price is growing with it as well. User storage devices are not permanent and have the unpleasant quality of breaking down by burying terabytes of important data. Whether it’s a photo or accounting data base.

SaveDrive can recovery data and hard drives from all manufacturers: Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Toshiba etc.


Short action list in case of data loss and faulted drive:

  1. Turn off your PC;
  2. Remove hard drive(HDD storage device);
  3. Describe the actions that could lead to a malfunction: voltage drops, formatting, falling;
  4. Transfer the hard drive to the data recovery center.

Issues of hard drives

The task of data recovery from the hard disk is to bring the damaged HDD-drive into a state suitable for reading and copying data.

Damage of HDD-drive varies from most simple, logistical – formatting, deleting, to most difficult – physical issues, mechanical damage of drive surface and reading element.

Logical damage of HDD-drive

In case of logical damage, the hard disk is defective and often has a corrupted file system or deleted files.

Restoring is simple: drive scan and looking for deleted files, time for recovery depends from capacity – scanning of terabyte hard drive took 4-6 hours.

While destroying the file system, whatever it is NTFS, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3, HFS, HFS+ and etc. we need to find the rest of file system: copies of boot-sectors, spreadsheet of sections.

It’s a more complicated sort of job, where you need to prevent mix sections by setup of correct borders for section, which is in most complicated situations are quite difficult.

Hardware damage of HDD-drive

Damage to electronics: burnout of board elements in case of voltage drops or generation of a drive resource. Here, it is necessary to replace faulty components or the electronics of the drive.

The development of the resource includes natural damage to surfaces – the emergence of “BAD-sectors.” The drive, usually, either hangs while reading data, or simply does not turn on. In any case, the data can not be copied without interfering with the logic of the drive. Also, it is necessary to take into account the read of the defective sectors themselves, which are very difficult to read.

Also, such damages can be attributed to the natural wear and tear of the read / write heads of the drive, which leads to more complex work – the work inside the drive’s disk to replace the heads.

The most difficult damage is damage to the mechanics, physical influence on the drive, whether it is falling or various kinds of mechanical impact on the drive, which leads to frequent damage to the drive surface and the read/write head.

Price. The cost of recovering data from hard drives.

Diagnosis is free! Payment is made only upon receipt of the data.

Logical recovery from HDD
From 1130uah
  • Any capacity of drive
  • Recovery the file system
  • Restore photos and documents
Hardware recovery from HDD
from 1500uah
  • Any capacity of drive
  • Works inside of the drive
  • Works with electronics
  • Decrypting drives
Urgent recovery from hard drive
  • Any drive
  • Any sort of work
  • Recovery 2-3 days
  • +100% to the default cost

Typical questions about data recovery from hard drives

The drive WD7500KMVV 750 Gb was bent. When connected via USB, it (by sound and LED display) makes startup sounds and stops. And so constantly. The system is not defined at all.
Is recovery possible? And how much does it cost to restore 1 GB of information?

Not enough information – need a diagnosis
1. may not have enough power supply or not enough, because there was a problem with the logic
2. Can the problem with heads or one head
3. If a drop occurs, a possible problem with the surface is added, a scratch from the drop
Usually we are telling the price aftedr diagnostics. Diagnostics is free.
If you need to extract the data – we’ll do it.
The price depends on what problem the drive has.
In your case, the work from 590 uah for the entire volume. If replacement of heads is required, then the work is 3500 uah, not including the cost of necessary spare parts. Everything else lies in this range and we can tell exactly the cost only after diagnosis. If it is required to open the hermetic unit (for example, you have to replace the data reading heads) then the disk can not be used.

I have a dead drive Seagate Barracuda 2000gb, ST2000DM001 Can you help? Do you buy drives for dismantling?

These drives often burn out the driver of the engine, which causes damage to the switch on the heads. Accordingly, to restore the data it is necessary to replace the card, open the disk and replace the heads. To clean up the data, opening the disk is not critical, but this disk is no longer suitable for use. To help you, the disk must be diagnosed. Diagnosis is free. If the heads are serviceable, then recovery will cost you 1500 uah. For disassembly we buy only disks in which exactly serviceable heads.

Hello! I have Toshiba Drive 320 GB. The laptop worked, the child hit and it hung, I turned it off, and then it does not boot. I need info about what will change and what the price is.

On the drive after the impact, a damage appeared, most likely a scratch, or the head may be damaged. The drive perceives this damage as the BAD sector and tries to fix it and transfer the information to an undamaged area. Therefore, it hangs. The part of the file table is still damaged, for this reason some sections are not visible. Precisely the cost of extracting information can be said only after diagnosis. However, based on your description of the problem, data recovery will cost 1500uah.

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