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The desire for portability of computers forces engineers to develop new form factors of SSD-drives, which positively affects the size of drives and, at the same time, creates a number of non-standard interfaces such as M.2 NGFF. Moreover, the evolution of SSD interfaces in laptops from year to year forces us to select new equipment to work with them.

SaveDrive offers a full range of services for working with SSD-drives for laptops with all types of proprietary interfaces.

What is necessary from user

Self-extracting of SSD-drives from devices of this type requires to be careful from user, because it’s easy to damage the construction or make a damage by static electric charge.

Восстановление данных с MacBook/Ultrabook
  1. Describe in details the behavior of PC before the breakdown or loss of data.
  2. If you don’t have enough experience – do not extract the device.
  3. To not make a more damage – do not turn on device.


The principle of operation of these SSDs is identical to that of conventional SATA disks. Moreover, the computer communicates with the drive via ATA commands, which are used in the HDD. Controllers are still sensitive to overheating and overwhelmingly encrypt data.

Logic malfunctions

In case of logic issues, for example formatting, deleting files, influence of viruses or malfunctions of file systems, the process of recovery is quite similar to data recovery from hard drives: scanning, searching for metadata, parts of file maps and, of course, the data.

Due to the speed and, usually, small volumes, this process does not take much time, which allows you to quickly perform a complete data recovery.

Hardware issues

Controller of drive have same components as any other drive: processor, ROM and RAM are installed on same board. Also, quite often you can find variations, controller is arranged by the principle all-in-one.

Often, improper operation in the form of overheating and power surges leads to its failure and blocking access to data. Also, the market now presents a large number of very unsuccessful series of disks, the process of vital activity of which ends with a breakdown of the controller.

Also, the problems are delivered by the microprograms of the controllers themselves, which, if the power is lost, can be damaged and block access to the data.

There is a service information in SSD-drives, which have a property to be damaged in case of errors in microprograms or in case of malfunction of memory chips.

Prices. Cost of data recovery from SSDs on Ultrabook and MacBook

Diagnosis is free! Payment is made only upon receipt of data.

Logic recovery
from 1130uah
  • Any drives
  • Any capacity
  • Recovery file systems
  • Recovery any types of files
Hardware recovery
From 2400uah
  • Any manufacturer
  • Any capacity
  • Decryption
  • Eliminating any issues of controller
  • Work with service information
Urgent recovery
  • Any works
  • Any drives
  • Term of recovery is 2 days
  • +100% to default price
  • Price more info Contacts / Order
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